Welcome to the shrine part of Ajisai no kimi! For now it's empty, but ittle by little I'll fill this section with all the information about Ushio and her story, as well as the relationships with other chacter of Shinkuro (nickname for Shinshi Doumei Cross), and some graphics goodies and a little gallery of images. Thanks for your patience! ~♥

  • WHAT'S ABOUT SHINSHI DOUMEI CROSS? ~ a short synopsis of the story in which Ushio takes part
  • WHAT ABOUT TANEMURA ARINA? ~ some information about the woman who give birth to Shinkuro and Ushio
  • WHO IS AMAMIYA USHIO? ~ Ushio's profile and her role in Cinderella's story
  • USHIO OR USIO? ~ about the romanization issue

  • FAMILY ~ with which kind of people Ushio grown up
  • LOVES ~ the people she loves and those she let herself be loved by
  • FRIENDS ~ her relationship with Haine and the Imperial school student council

  • ICONS & SIGNATURES ~ to be used in Live Journal, MSN messanger and message boards & forums
  • ILLUSTRATIONS GALLERY ~ high quality illustrations and scans of Ushio

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