You've just reached "Ajisai no kimi", a shrine as well as the TAFL approved fanlisting for Amamiya Ushio, a character from the hit series "Shinshi Doumei Cross" (also known as "The Gentlemen Alliance"), the last long series by the talented mangaka Tanemura Arina!

The fanlisting part of this site was previously owned by Inggrid @ Aichaku, that has been so kind to let me adopt it in August 2008! *--*♥
I'm really grateful to her because Ushio is a character I adore, and having the possibility to own her fanlisting makes me so happy! ♥♥♥

I put all my effort in trying to build a layout who could mirror Ushio's beauty and grace (even if she not really feminime sometimes XD) and to match the title I've chosen for it: "Ajisai no kimi" ("Lady Hydrangea"). This "nickname" is the respectful way in which the male students in the Imperial Academy who admire Ushio call her. Ajisai is the japanese name for Hydrangea, and "no kimi" was a respectful way to address a woman in the Heian period. So, I wanted to do something who could be fitting to a girl who is named so and is gifted with a stunning beauty. ♥ Hope I succeded XD Oh, and "hydrangea, hides her feelings in the rain" in the title of a special chapter of three pages about Ushio, featuring also Haine and Senri-sensei ♥ I've found this title extremely poetical, so I've decided to add it as subtitle! *-*

So, if you want to know more about Ushio and her story, please head towards the shrine part of the site , which I also will be filling, little by little, with illustrations and graphics works (and if you'd like to have some of you works added there, feel free to contact me).

If you already love her and you feel like taking parts of the list of her fans, please wisit the fanlisting section.

Finally, please take a look to the sitely section and consider visiting the affiliates! ♥

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