1. Obviously, you must be a fan of Ushio! ♥

  2. You don't need to have a website, but to have a valid e-mail address.

  3. Please don't use neither nicknames that claimes characters or similar, nor strings of symbols and/or numbers or unrespectful words. If you'll join using such a nickname, you'll be added anyway, but the nickname will be edited.

  4. If you own a website and you're indicating the address in the form, please take a code and upload it on your webspace before joining (NO DIRECT LINK).  If I don't see the code on your site, I'll added your name but not the url to your site. In order to avoid misunderstanding, if your site is not in english, please write in the comment box the url to the page in which you've put the code.

  5. No porn, racism or advertisment; if I'll judge your site unrespectful of the human dignity in some way, or not fitted to be linked here, you'll be added to the fanlisting, but your website will not be listed.

If you accept these rules, please feel free to join now, thank you! ^__^

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