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You've reached SNAP OUT OF IT, the listed at The Fanlistings Network and anime Fanlisting Network fanlisting for HEIWAJIMA SHIZUO, one of the main characters of the original novel series (only later adapted into an anime and a manga) DURARARA!! (DRRR!!), created by RYOHGO NARITA and illustrated by SUZUHITO YASUDA!

In this series of novels, plenty of interesting characters, to me Shizuo is the most interesting. His main characteristic, at first sight, is his superhuman strenght, that makes him the strongest fighter of the series, together with the total lack of self-control when someone pisses him off, making him snap and throwing everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) around him, and destroying anything between him and his opponent. But taking a look to his past, to what he wishes for, to the way he behaves with the people important to him, his brother and his friend, and to a child, a collegue and little girls with who he get in contact during the story, it is clear that Shizuo is actually a kind-hearted man who fights against his rage and destructive impulse and hate the violence he is forced to use and abuse of, a naive but at the same time gifted with a smart irony young man, and one of the most honest characters throughout the whole story. almost impossible not to find him adorable. Not to mention, that he is also hot stuff.

I wanted to include in the title both the idea of him being uncontrollable ad the one of him being a very good person, but I am afraid it was too much for a poor creative person like me, when it comes to titles >_>" In the end, I've chosen this one with a double meaning intended: not only Shizuo snaps when someone pisses him off for any reason, and it's the perfect verb who describes what he does in those cases XD but he want to snap out of his incapacity of control himself, and be stronger in order to never again hurt someone else.

You are now browsing the second version of this fanlisting, the first one bothered me and I felt like I haven't done enough justice to Shizuo. That's why I took the occasion of the so much kind Yoru letting me use the wonderful vector she made for one of the awesome wallpaper of her, to work to another better version of this site. But I didn't want the layout be focused only on Shizuo in the midst of one of his broken-out moments, that's why I put also a couple of little illustrations from the novel in which he's interacting with Akane-chan *--* Afterall, Shizuo is a sweetheart and we all know that! A special thanks also to Choco for sharing her pretty-pretty sprites, and to Mira for her tutorial for Enthusiast addition field (that now isn't there anymore but thanks anyway)! ♥ ♥ ♥

Please feel free to take a look around, and consider joining if you are a fan of him!


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DURARARA!! (DRRR!!) is created by Ryohgo Narita, illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda and published by ASCIII Media Works. This is only a fansite and the webmistress doesn't intend to violate those rights. Layout is (c) Akira K.S. Do not reproduce without permission. Online since April 18th, 2010. Version 2.0 since may 31st, 2010. Vector by Yoru, scans by Kekoa and Owata, sprite by Choco, brushes by Fractured Sanity, In Obscuro, Heidi, texture by Yam, patterns by Hybrid Genesis. If you see something that is your and not properly credited, please accept my apologies and then contact me.