You've reached LOVE(LESS), the TAFL and TFL-APPROVED fanlisting for VORONA (to be read Varona) one of the regular characters of the original novel series (only later adapted into an anime and a manga) DURARARA!! (DRRR!!), created by RYOHGO NARITA and illustrated by SUZUHITO YASUDA!

Vorona is still a character not so much known in the fandom out of Japan, since she appears and becomes a regular character beginning from the novel 5, which is not scheduled to be adapted in the current anime series (not yet, at least *sighs*), and the serialization of the manga is still far from that point. Actually, in first place I have been willing to know more about her because of the several fanarts in which she was together with Shizuo, something that seemed to imply a connection between them. Even if I soon discovered that their relationship is stil, I hope not the one the fanarts portrayed, I happened to fall for Vorona, and she quickly became my favourite female character of the series. The about section will soon be filled with all the information I have been able to gather thanks to the translation I found on the web, and to little snippets of the novels I had been able to read and translate by myself. So stay tuned!

Please feel free to take a look around, and consider joining if you are a fan of her!

~ Akira

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