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 You've reached  ANALITIC. RATIONAL. SELF-CONTROLLED. , a fanlisting (approved at the  The   Fanlistings   Network ) for Virgo, the sixth atrological sign of the zodiac August 23rd- September 22th!

I would like to thank a lot  Wendy  that adopted the fanlisting to me in December 2008, I'll try to have the best care of it! ^-^ I'm really proud to be able to run this fanlisting because I'm a Virgo too, and some of the most important people of my life are Virgo. For what concerns me, unfortunately I don't have much of the best traits of the sign (especially the ones in the title *lol* XD) , but I wish I had u.u Besides, don't be fooled by such a incomplete definition of the sign, who hides also an important emotional side! Check the about section to know more! ^^

Please use the menù under the title to navigate the site, and consider joining if you are a fan! ♥

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