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What is "Rental Magica"?

Rental Magica ( レンタルマギカ , Rentaru Magika) is a Japanese light novel series by Makoto Sanda , with illustrations by pako . It is currently in the midst of serialization in The Sneaker magazine published by Kadokawa Shoten . An anime television series adaptation animated by Zexcs was broadcasted in Japan between October 7 , 2007 and March 23 , 2008 , airing a total of twenty-four episodes. Moreover, it has been adapted in two manga series: the author of both is Makoto Sanda, but the art is by two different illustrators. The first version is running since August 2006 on the magazine Asuka, and it's illstrated by pako. The second one is running since May 26, 2007 on the magazine Comp Ace and has the alternative title "Rental Magica from Solomon". The art are by MAKOTO2.

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The plot centers around the magician dispatch service and Mage's Society: Astral. The main protagonist of the story is Astral's second President: Itsuki Iba, who, while being young and inexperienced ironically isn't even a Mage. Central to the story are Astral's many adventures with magical spirits and creatures, competing with rival company Goetia, rogue members, taboos and the Dark Magician's Society: Ophion, all while trying to complete enough jobs to pay the bills and fill The Association's quota and evade abolition. Each story arc is written as an incident in which the Astral members and their associates are involved.

Who is Manami?

Manami Kuroha ( 黒羽 まなみ , Kuroha Manami) is Astral's latest apprentice and it's only ghost member. Kuroha remembers nothing of her existence before her death except her name. Kuroha is able to change her outward appearance at will but comically spends most of her time in a maid outfit. Kuroha's abilities include poltergeist and apport ( 顕現現象 , kengen genshō ? ) , turning a part of her own aetherial body into other physical matter, abilities, she cleans the office and serves tea but she also studies hard, yearning to be a part of the team. Itsuki met and recruited Kuroha while Astral was dispelling a spell-wave contamination arising from a taboo, saving her from being consumed by a Soul-Eater. Later on in the novel, she falls in love with Itsuki. In the anime, she is voiced by the famous female seiyuu Shizuka Itou.

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