Shrine Fanlist Sitely

Here you are the section of the site which I will be filling little by little with informations about Maika and Kazuhito, their love and their role in Shinkuro. Now it's still totally empty, I apologize! >_<

  • WHAT IS SHINSHI DOUMEI CROSS? ~ a short synopsis
  • WHO IS TANEMURA ARINA? ~ some information about the mangaka
  • WHO IS KAMIYA KAZUHITO? ~ Kazuhito's profile at the beginning of the story
  • WHO IS RIKYUU MAIKA? ~ Maika's profile
  • WHAT ABOUT THEIR FAMILY? ~ the profiles of the opther member of the Kamiya family
IN-DEPHTS ANALYSES (heavy spoilers ahed!!)

  • BOY MEETS GIRL ~ how they met and consequences
  • KAZUHITO'S STRUGGLE ~ about his absolute love for Maika
  • MAIKA'S PAIN ~ the life she goes through as Kazuhito's lover
  • HAPPY ENDING ~ because true love always win
  • WHY "BORN TO ASHES" AS TITLE? ~ if you're curios to know