You've reached "Voice of ILLUSION", the only approved and listed at The Anime fanlistings fanlisting for KAROKU, one of the main, and surely the most misterious character, of the manga series "Karneval", created by Mikanagi Touya and published on the monthly magazine "Zero-Sum"!

Karoku is the person strongly bound to Nai's past, and maybe even to his birth into this world. The event who starts the story is his disappearence and the consequent search of Nai fom him. Little by little, we get slowly to know something about his whereabouts, but still never fully understand what he's up too, or which are his real purpose and powers. Though knowing little of him, I am grown fascinated by him and by his the aura of charisma and by his charming appearences and manners, and from the dark side of which he let the reader get a glimpse of.

A special thank goes to Dorothy who helped me suggesting the perfect title since I was completely blank about it XD ♥ and to Avenue, who shared in her graphic journal heterochromiax the wonderful coloring of Karoku I used for the header and for some codes! *--*

Please feel free to take a look around, and consider joining if you are a fan of him! ♥
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