You've just reached "THE NICEST GOLDLIKE ROCK GENIUS", the TFL-APPROVED fanlisting for DAVE GROHL, one of the living most talented rock musicians and leader of THE FOO FIGHTERS!

This fanlisting has been adopted to me in December 2011 by Georgina to whom I'll be forever grateful for granting me such a huge wishlister. Dave is one of my favourite musicians ever, and being able to run his fanlisting is an honour for me. The title could seem a little pretentious but, even if I don't like to use definitions for people, I've decided to merge a couple of "titles" which Dave deserved: the one of being know as the "nicest guy in rock" and the one of "Godlike Genius" he earned at the 2011 NME Shockwave Awards!

So, let's cheer up Dave and The Foo Fighters to win a bunch of Grammy next February please use the navigation above to browse the fanlisting and consider joining if you're a fan! ^_^


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