You've reached 1,000 Paper Cranes, the only approved and listed at The fanlistings NETWORK fanlisting for MEGUMI TOYOGUCHI , one of the most talented seiyuu (japanese word who stands for voice actor/actress, but that has a wider meaning) a person can happen to meet and enjoy in an anime series! ♥ If you want to know more about fanlistings, seiyuu or Megumi-san, please head towards the About section! ^-^

Even if I took longtime to have the fanlisting up -.-" I am really grateful to the TFL staff for this approval, since Megumi-san is one of my favourite female seiyuu. ♥ Please feel free to take a look around, and consider joining if you are a fan! ^__^


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Scan from Minitokyo, Moe.imouto.org and Curious?. Pattern by Hybrid Genesis. Brushes by Coby17, In Obscuro.