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"fubuki", the fanlisting listed at The Fanlistings Network for Shiva, one of the recurring elements of the famous videogame series FINAL FANTASY!

This fanlisting has been handed down to me by the kind Emma, thanks a lot *--*♥ The fanlisting has been also owned previously to Michelle, to whom should go the credits for the title, that means "snow storm, blizzard" and that I kept because I suck at titles I could not think of anything more fitting to Shiva ♥

This is the first version of Fubuki, quite temporary because I needed it finished soon, but I'll hope in summer I'll being able to ravmp it and build a little shrine to her with the information about all her appearences ^-^ If you are a fan of her, please take a look around and consider joining! ^__^ And please look forward to her next appearence in Final Fantasy XIII! *--*♥


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