About fanlistings

What is a fanlisting? According to  The   Fanlistings  Network  (the original webdirectory for fanlistings) is:
"..simply an online listing of fans of a subject, such as a TV show, actor, or musician, that is created by an individual and open for fans from around the world to join. There are no costs, and the only requirements to join a fanlisting are your name and country. Fanlistings do not have to be large sites (although some are) - they are just a place where you can have your name listed along with other fans of the same subject."

About Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is the first, and I think most famous, series by the mangaka Takehiko Inoue-sensei, who debuted on Shounen Jump in the year 1990, after a period as assistant of City Hunter and Cat's Eye mangaka Tsukasa Houjou-sensei. It's the story of an high school freshmen, Hanamichi Sakuragi, that used to spend his time during junior high school slacking off, being rejected by girls and having fights with other young delinquents. Despite this, Hanamichi is pure-hearted boy, whose goal is just to be able to come back home after school with the girl of his dreams. One fated day, in a school corridor he meets Haruko Akagi, a girl his age who is astonished by his height (188 cm) and his athletic build. Haruko introduces him to basket, and Hanamichi, who got a crush on Haruko at first sight, joins the school team (lead by Haruko's older brother, Takenori Akagi) to impress her and to defeat the boy who Haruko is infatuated with, the junior high school basket ace Kaede Rukawa. The series follows Hanamichi's improvements, along with the district and then national high school basket tournament in which Shohoku partecipates. Eventually, he will develop a real interest and love for the sport, and will meet several rivals on his way, even if the #1 to defeat for him will always be Kaede Rukawa.

About Kaede Rukawa

Kaede Rukawa ( (流川 楓Rukawa Kaede, 187 cm tall for 75 kg of weight) is a Shohoku freshmen, who seems to be interested in only two things in his life: being the #1 basketball player, and sleeping. He comes from the junior high school Tomigaoka, the same as the Shohoku manager Ayako, and his last junior high school used to be the captain of the team, and play in any position. His fame as genius player comes before him, and he is very popular with girls, even if he seems not to care at all. In the series, he his first mentioned by Haruko meeting Hanamichi and telling him he's probably tall more than a certain "Rukawa". He is firstly introduced in person when Hanamichi and his friends are lured on the school roof by a group of senior students, who want to punish Hanamichi for his behaviour. Unfortunately for the seniors, they run into Rukawa sleeping on the roof, and they get beaten by him before the arrival of Hanamichi and his friends, and this will be their first encounter.

Hanamichi and Rukawa develops a strong mutual dislike since the beginning; Hanamichi is biased because Rukawa is Haruko's crush, and this get only worst when Rukawa treats Haruko bad, and when he is overshadowed by Rukawa's talent. Rukawa, on his part, already a loner with a bad temper, first gets punched by an angry Hanamichi almost without realizing why, and then have to deal with Hanamichi's arrogance despite being only a beginner, and starting call him "idiot" (ahou or dohaou) all the time.

Rukawa, despite being cold and silent, is actually more similar to Hanamichi than it meets the eye: full of himself, with tendencies of playing by himself than with team spirit (well, not has much as Hanamichi who won't pass the ball to Rukawa just because he's Rukawa XDD), ready to fight and react to provocations anytime, hating to lose and pointing strongly to defeat his rival, Ryonan high school team's Sendoh, and not quite good as school, usually seen sleeping during lessons. Despite this, he shows a little more respect to his older teammates, the captain Akagi and the coach Anzai. He wears the jersey #10 and he plays as small forward.