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I'd like to thank with all my heart the lovely Ai~, who offered me to adopt the fanlisting in summer 2011, and was so nice and patient to wait for me to finish it. Rukawa is my favourite character from Slam Dunk (although I have to say I adore almost all characters!!), and I'll be forever grateful to her for letting me be the next one to take care of him. If life allows me, I don't think I'll ever give up this fanlisting, and I will try to do my best as Ai's successor!!  This fanlisting has been also taken care of by Aeryvae!

A special mention also to Kula that helped me to sort out a problem I had with the compatibility of the site with Mozilla, thanks a lote, you saved me!! ;_;

Please feel free to take a look around, and consider joining if you root for Dantalion, or if you simply like him!

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