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CALAMITAS, the fanlisting listed at The ANIME Fanlistings Network for Orga Sabnak, one of the minor,but much loved from the fandom characters of the series, KIDOU SENSHI GUNDAM SEED !

This fanlisting has been handed down to me by the kind in February Chiqui, granting me a wishlister thanks a lot *--*♥ The credit for the title also goes to her ^-^

Orga is a character who really had a minor role in the series, a tool who was created by the authors just to shake the plot events around for a bit and for the sake of being killed by the "goods". So, little is known about him, and I have to admit that the long-lasting obsession I have for him is a more a fanon than canon product XD But nonetheless, I feel very happy and proud to be able to express my love for him with this fanlisting. Please take a good around and consider joining if you are a fan too! ^_^


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