What is a fanlisting?

(By Genevieve, updated by me)

A fanlisting is a site for people to come together who are fans of the same thing and declare their love for that thing, thereby building the biggest listing for fans of that thing from all over the world. The subject of this fanlisting is the character of Luna, also known as Sailor Luna, from all versions of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, including the manga, anime, musical and live-action series. This little net hobby began with fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and is headquartered at the sister networks of The Anime Fanlistings Network and TheFanlistings.org, where this listing is approved. This listing was adopted from Genevieve on May 2009, who had adopted from Hoshichan on August 15, 2005, who had adopted from Neeko on October 16, 2004.

Luna... Sailor Luna... Kaguya-hime

(This content was written by Neeko, reproduced at her request. Thanks!)

During the Silver Millenium, Luna lived on the Moon. She was originally from the Planet Mau, with her companion, Artemis. After the Dark Kingdom attacked, and the Moon Kingdom fell to ruin, Luna is reborn and sent to Earth to find legendary Sailor Senshi and train them to fight and protect their planet. She first meets Tsukino Usagi, who trips over her. Because some kids put a bandaid on her crescent moon on her forehead, she was unable to speak or detect the Sailor Senshi. Later, she appears to Usagi again and reveals to her she is Sailormoon. With her help, Usagi and Luna set out to find the rest of the Senshi and unite.

Luna is the "teacher" to the Senshi. She guides them, disciplines them, and teaches them how to fight. But to the Sailor Senshi, she's more than a teacher and she's more than just a cat. She's one of their best friends, and without them they would have been lost. In the anime and manga, she has both a human and cat form. In the live action (Pretty Guardian Sailormoon) she is bathed in the light of the Ginzuishou and is able to transform into a child and a Sailor Senshi. (Also, in the LASM, she is a plushie!)

Even though it may seem like Luna is just a cat, she has the heart of a young girl. When she falls in love with a man named Kakeru, she undergoes the stages of a crush. Blushing, nervousness, shyness... she even transforms into her human form to save him. Eventually in the manga/anime, Luna falls in love with Artemis, and many years after, they have a kitten together named Diana. In Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Luna sometimes acts like a little kid at times, while keeping that strict, disciplinary attitude.

Forms of Luna

Cat Form: Luna resides in Cat form for most of the time. She is a black feline with a golden crescent moon on her forehead. She has the ability to talk and detect the Sailor Senshi with it.

Plushy Form: In Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Luna is technically a cat, but she's a plushy. (Doll.) She has the ability to talk, detect the senshi and can move on her own. She can also turn into a real cat.

Woman Form: In the anime and manga, Luna transforms into a human to save Kakeru. This is also Luna's original form. She also transforms into Human Luna when Tin Nyanko appeared in the manga.

Child Form: In Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Luna is bathed in the light of the Ginzuishou and is able to transform into a child form to furthur awaken them as Sailor Senshi.

Senshi Form: In Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Luna is bathed in the light of the Ginzuishou and is able to transform into a Sailor Senshi. She transform with her own phone saying, "Luna Prism Power Make up!" She is equipped with a Moonlight Stick that can transform into anything. She has an attack called "Luna Sucre Candy!"

Behind the Cat

Han Keiko: Han Keiko is the voice behind the cat. She provides that adorable voice for Luna in both the anime and the Live Action version of Sailormoon. (Really, who else could they use to play Luna?)

Koike Rina: Koike Rina plays Human Luna and Sailorluna in the Live Action version of Sailormoon. At only 10, Rina managed to snatch the role of the furry feline and provides kids something they can relate to, as well as comic relief.