You've reached "kaguyahime", the only approved and listed at  The Anime fanlistings   & The fanlistings fanlisting for Luna / Sailor Luna , one of character of the utterly famous manga/anime/musical/drama series BISHOUJO SENSHI SAILOR MOON ! ♥

I've been chosen by Genevieve to adopt this fanlisting in May 2009 , thanks a lot *--*♥ I've never dreamt one day I would have been able to take care of Luna, which I love since I was a little girl and I wished I have a cat who could speak as Usagi, and I will do my best for her ♥ The fanlisting was opened by Neeko, who wrote the about section that still remains intact and reproduces as she wished, and being owned by Hoshichan from October 2004 to August 2005, when she adopted it to Genevieve. Thanks to them, the original memberlist is still intact, thanks! ^-^

I've kept the title the fanlisting had under Genevieve's care, Kaguyahime, because I loved Sailor Moon S: The movie,in which Luna was protagonist, and besided because the Taketori Monogari, the japanese classic novel from which this name has been taken, is my top favourite one the japanese literature ♥

Please feel free to take a deeper look into this site, and consider joining if you are a fan of Luna / Sailor Luna! ♥


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