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MeruPuri, originally titled MeruPuri: Märchen Prince (めるぷり メルヘン☆プリンス MeruPuri: Maruhen Purinsu, "Fairy-Tale Prince"), is a four-volume manga series by Matsuri Hino, serialized in Japan in LaLa magazine.

PLOT: All high school freshman Airi Hoshina ever wanted was to someday live in a cozy home with a loving husband and find joy in the little things in life. As a result, she makes it her daily mission to get to school on time because school legend has it that the longer one's non-tardy streak is, the better boyfriend one will find. But just when her daily routine is working like clockwork, an occurrence of fairy-tale proportions threatens to disrupt her grand plan. On the way to school one morning, Airi loses her mirror—one that has been passed down to her through generations—and suddenly finds herself in a bizarre situation. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect Aram, a little boy from a magical kingdom, to have emerged from the mirror in the short time it took her to track it down! [source: Wikipedia]

Jeile (ジェイル Jeiru, Drama CD voice actor - Daisuke Kishio) is Aram's older half-brother and the crown prince of Astelle; his full name is Astelle A. Daemonia Eucalysta Jeile. He is eccentric and a playboy. He cast the aging spell on Aram out of frustration because Aram receives all of their father's attention. In actuality, Jeile really does care about Aram, and it's likely he simply never considered the consequences of the spell. Though he seems like a bungler at first, Jeile is the commander of Astale's magical army.When Aram loses his memory, he helps Airi and even assists her on being by her side while she is in their realm. Jeile has a bit of a masochistic streak; he becomes smitten with Airi after she slaps him, and tries to get her to become his first wife. He calls Airi his Mountain Lily Maiden and tries to be happy for her after she becomes Aram's fiance. When Aram turns 17 he reverses the spell so Aram turns into a child in the dark after hearing Airi complain about never being able to see him little again. When he was about twelve years old, his first love was Lei (he did not know that Lei was a boy at the time due to Lei's long hair and rather feminine appearance). His fiancé is Lei's sister, Nei. When Jeile meets her, he can't bear to see her face because it is identical to Lei's. However, five years later when Jeile is King of Astelle (after the former king and queen retired) he accepts Nei and they even have two children, whose names are not revealed. [source: Wikipedia]