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MOTHERLY INSTICT, the  TAFL-approved  fanlisting for HILDEGARDE (HILDA), the female co-protagonist of the shounen manga and anime serie BEELZEBUB!

Hilda is my favourite character of the serie, and I love the mix of her cool, bloodthirsty, mocking but affectionate and motherly nature. I've appreciated the way she slowly changed through the series, and the way she cares about Bel. That's why I called this fanlisting so, because I think it's the most surprising side of her, considering she's a demon and that she's supposed to watch over Bel only for duty. I also love her relationship with Oga and I really hope in the end she will be for real the "Ogayome" XD

The first version of this fanlisting has been made using the scan of the cover of the 2nd DVD of the anime. Actually, Hilda's eyes are green, so the illustrator clearly made a mistake.. But in the end, I liked this illustration so much that I've decided to go ahead with it anyway XD

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