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Close, the  TAFL-approved  fanlisting for the relationship bewtween Kikumaru Eiji & Fuji Syusuke , two characters from the manga/anime/musical/movies and what's more, Tennis no Oujisama (Prince of Tennis) ! ♥ Feel free to visit all the section, and please consider joining if you're a fan! ^_^

A big thanks goes to the kind  Katze  who let me adopt the fanlisting in March 2009! *--* ♥ And also let me snatch her codes :D The relationship between Eiji and Fuji has always been my favourite in the POT series, and it also has a personal important meaning to me, so I'm really honoured I've been chosen to take care of its fanlisting! ♥ Thanks you so much endlessy, Katze! ♥ ♥ ♥


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