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Dantalion is a demon, the duke that commands the 36th Army of Hell, as well as a candidate to succed the throne in the demon world. For this reason, he's trying to get himself being voted by William Twining, the protagonist of the story that, being the successor of King Solomon, the one of sealed the 72 demons and selaed them in a vessel, has the right to decide who will rule the Hell while its imperor, Lucifer, is in a midst of a long sleep. But William, being the realist of the title, do not accept the existence of demons and such, and doesn't want to be involved, even if unwillingly contracts a debt with Dantalion who pays for his school fees. Plus, other demons desires William's vote, and consideres Dantalion not worthy. So, this will be the beginning of the Realist's adventure with the Devils, who hide much more than the eyes can catch. For more information, please visit the about section!

A huge thanks goes to Sapphyre Pyro and her Hyper Parfait scanlation team, for all their work that maks easier to me to read and get inormation. Plus, a hug to Dorothy too, because without her I'd probably don't even know the series has existed XD, and for her support and resources

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