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WE ARE ALL MAD HERE, the  TFL-approved  fanlisting for the CHESHIRE CAT, one of the characters of the famous Lewis Carrol's book, ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND, as well as its Disney adaptation!

A huge thanks goes to Sophie for letting me adopt the fanlisting in January 2010, the Cheshire Cat in my absolute favourite character in the Alice's Adventure in Wonderland word, and the animated version of the Disney movie is not an exception, so I am honoured and thrileed to be able to take care of this fanlisting. ♥ Thanks again, Sophie! The fanlisting was originally owned by Melissa. Many thanks also to the TFL staff that in December 2010 allowed me to crosslist the fanlisting in the Characters: Book/Movie category, allowing this fanlisting to cover the original Cheshire cat of Carrol's book, as well as the movies adaptations! ^-^

Feel free to visit all the sections, and please consider joining if you're a fan! ^_^


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