CODE: BREAKER is the latest manga of the talented mangaka Akimine Kamijyo, author of the successful "Samurai Deeper Kyo" and the unlucky "Shirogane no Karasu". It is serialized on the weekly magazine "Shounen Magazine", published by Kodansha.

PLOT INTRODUCTION: Sakura Sakurakouji is an high-school girl who, while riding the bus one day, witnesses an odd and shocking event: some people are burning up in a blue flame while a boy, most likely of her age, stands among them with a cold look on his face. The day after, Sakura comes back in that place to verify, but she finds no evidence and no corpse, and the police seems to know nothing about what happened, considering what happened only a little fire. and not believing in her words. When she arrives at school, she finds out that, from that moment on, she will have a new schoolmate: Oogami Rei, the same boy she witness among the blue flames the day before, who oddly wears a glove on his left hand. What is the secret that Rei hides?