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--> Who is Bianchi?

PROFILE (from "Vongola77", Katekyou Hitman reborn character book)

Age: 17
Birthday: 8th November
Zodiac sign: Scorpion
Blood type: AB
Height: 165 cm.
Weight: 49 kg.
Nationality: Italian

OTHER INFORMATION (from Katekyou Hitman Reborn! characters page at Wikipedia, slightly modified)

Bianchi is Gokudera Hayato's half-sister; they share the same father. Bianchi's assassin specialty is her poison cooking I and II. Bianchi is known as "Poison Scorpion (Doku Sasori) Bianchi" in the Mafia underground. Since she, herself, is immune to her own cooking, she does not see anything wrong with the food she gives others. She has a minor cooking rivalry with Yamamoto since he always brings the group sushi from his father's restaurant. She is apparently in love with Reborn, who was a former associate of hers, and wants to kill Tsuna to free up Reborn's schedule. Later in the series, though she still relieves some stress in beating up Tsuna, she refuses to kill him for the benefit of others.
Even though they seem to have a strained relationship, she has shown great concern for Gokudera if he is injured, fighting, or suffering from stomach aches (which she does not realize are caused by her). Gokudera once said that one of the reasons Bianchi's poison cooking is so strong is that he was her guinea pig; each time she created a new type of poison cooking, she would test it on him.
Bianchi always states that "Love" is the strongest force of all.

--> Why "Dangerous Beauty"?
I've chosen this title because Bianchi is indeed beautiful and angeours, beware of her poison cooking! XD